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🔸One person in the Lakers’ meeting room said Carmelo was “truly engaged in the conversation.” Lakers can’t predict if he’ll sign, though.
🔸According to @ramonashelburne the Lakers made it clear to Melo today they’d offer the maximum, 4-yr, $97mil contract they can, if he chose them. 🔸Kurt Rambis will join the Knicks as an assistant coach. 🔸According to Jacob Rude: one of the only advantages the Lakers hold over other teams is their ability to offer a max deal. Only the Knicks can offer anything equal or better. If he accepts, Anthony’s $21.6 million and Kobe Bryant‘s $23.5 million would account for $45 of the possible ~$63 million possible in cap space. It would also require the Lakers to renounce rights to Pau Gasol in order to sign the deal as well as likely leading to the Lakers waiving Nash and using the stretch provision, reducing his cap hit to $3 million over the next 3 years. 🔸Now, after meeting with Bryant tonight, Anthony will take the holiday weekend to think his decision over before likely making a decision by the beginning of next week.
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